Use of IT Support Services in Business

Use of IT Support Services in Business

Understanding The Importance of IT Support

IT support is the help desk, assistance, administrative and in-office service needed by the IT staff. IT support services include technical support services such as hardware installation, training, troubleshooting, software installation, upgrading, support for IT departments, management of their services, wireless LANs, hardware upgrades, training of personnel and maintenance of hardware.

IT support services are generally managed by an IT department consisting of a person who answers questions about computer and network maintenance, system and network troubleshooting, installation and configuration of software, configuration of hardware, devices and printers. The support agent, or help desk agent, is the person who answers queries and provides advice to the client on specific problems.

The initial phase of the support services is the training of the IT support personnel.

The training usually lasts for a few weeks, so that they learn how to identify the most common issues and what to do about them.

There is an importance placed on high levels of quality in IT support, so the training includes getting a good understanding of how to handle an issue when it arises. A program designed by the IT support company helps in gaining the correct knowledge and understanding about the problem. This is to help the customer avoid unnecessary expense and stress.

The second phase of the training includes training of the IT support personnel on how to troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently. Such training can take place in a certain format, depending on the type of issue being addressed.

A basic issue, such as an information cable not being attached to the computer, can be resolved with some preliminary troubleshooting steps, such as trying to detect if the problem is a simple one such as a loose connector. An IT support agent might want to check all hardware in the computer to make sure that there is no damage that might have occurred during the trouble-shooting process.

The next step would be to run a diagnostic of the machine, such as the information cable connection. If this is found to be the cause of the problem, then the help desk agent will discuss whether the problem can be fixed using software or by re-installing the hardware.

Backup devices or software that has been installed before the restart of the machine will help in maintaining system stability. Most companies prefer to use backup software, which ensures that the system will continue to function without any interruption.

The help desk agent will decide the best way to use backup software, if the system is running on a limited resource like a CD ROM, which is more economical to replace. If the system requires a system upgrade, then backup software can be used to restore the data of the machine.

Once the backup software is used, the help desk agent will need to check the Internet for a reliable data server. It is wise to use an Internet server that has redundant server connections, so that there will be a chance that data that has been lost due to failed connections will not be lost forever.

Using a backup server ensures that any loss of data will not impact the smooth running of the system. If the backup server can be accessed by the help desk agents from any location, then it is preferable to use this option.

For those companies that use their own PCs, the most effective solution would be to install software which is installed on all their computers and is called Windows Server Backup. The Microsoft registry cleaner is another software which is essential to the smooth running of the network.