Microsoft Exchange Server – An Overview

Microsoft Exchange Server – An Overview

It is a common knowledge that the Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the most successful software application introduced in the market in the last ten years. But, many IT professionals are confused on what could be the reason behind its success and hence their hesitation to make a good decision regarding purchasing the software. The official Windows XP is now out of the market, but the market has been flooded with many other operating systems from which one can choose. People who have serious and knowledgeable knowledge about the Microsoft Exchange Server will know all about the benefits offered by the product.

At the initial stage, the Microsoft Exchange Server was not installed on the server where the business process was being operated. The question is how the product managed to reach the markets and become so popular, despite the fact that it was introduced into the market at a very late stage.

The most important point is that the product is provided free to all the users as an upgrade.

Hence, it has been able to attract the attention of millions of users all around the world. Even the corporate sector is now using this tool because it enables the managing of multiple e-mail accounts efficiently and effectively.

However, many IT professionals argue that it is the simplicity of using the Microsoft Exchange Server that has really led to its popularity. They assert that the ability to perform most of the tasks manually has been removed with the help of the automation features.

Apart from the basic email account functionality, there is the ability to send and receive various types of messages using email accounts. This includes message receipts, bulk mailing, event lists, and batch processing. In addition, there is also the capability to send and receive instant messages.

Although the basic Microsoft Exchange Server will work in any type of environment, the best part about the product is that it is user friendly and easily configurable, thus enabling the users to create multiple connections and perform different functions on the system.

For example, they can create accounts on behalf of their employees to reduce the business risks associated with non-security mail and messages.

Another unique feature of the Microsoft Exchange Server is the option to automatically configure the system settings. This allows for the administration of specific aspects of the server, such as hardware configuration, firewall settings, and more.

To purchase a Microsoft Exchange Server, one has to look for the reliable wholesaler or reseller. There are many reputed Microsoft Exchange Server sellers who provide services at attractive price rates. However, it is always better to do some research on the internet before going ahead with the purchase.

Since the product is becoming popular, the resellers have now started offering remote support. Thus, the support staff can be easily accessed if one needs assistance. The availability of remote support facilities has been advantageous for both the client and the provider.

The Microsoft Exchange Server is fast, easy to use, and reliable and hence is gaining huge popularity.

  • Therefore, if you want to keep up with the competition and are planning to buy a Microsoft Exchange Server product, then it is advisable to look for the one that meets your needs and meets the budget.
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